Home Business Visit former Pensions Minister Steve Webb for live web chat

Visit former Pensions Minister Steve Webb for live web chat

Do you need help with old-age provision? Visit former Secretary Steve Webb for a live web chat to answer your questions

  • On Monday, November 12, Steve Webb and a team of experts answer your questions
  • From 2pm to 4pm, our live webbchat will answer your pension requests
  • Would you like to ask a question? Contact: pensionquestions@thisismoney.co.uk

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Answering the questions: Steve Webb will be on Monday, November 12, at a & # 39; Webbchat & # 39; to be present

Answering the questions: Steve Webb will be on Monday, November 12, at a & # 39; Webbchat & # 39; to be present

Answering the questions: Steve Webb will attend a "Webbchat" on Monday, November 12th

Can you help with planning your retirement and ask a pension question to one of the best experts in the country?

Former Pensions Minister Steve Webb will be available on Monday, November 12, in a live web chat to answer readers' retirement pensions questions.

Steve and experts from The Pensions Advisory Service will be coming to us from 14:00 to 16:00 at This is Money headquarters.

You are ready to answer your questions, whether you are not taking your retirement seriously, are about to finish work or are already retiring.

Some happy readers will also answer their questions in detail in a special edition of the "What is Money" podcast.

Host Georgie Frost will be joined by Steve Webb, this is the money editor Simon Lambert and the head of the Pension Advisory Service, Michelle Cracknell, to solve some of your toughest problems.

Steve knows his stuff. As Minister of Pensions during the coalition government, he helped lead one of the largest pension reforms of a generation.

Today he is Director of Treasury of Royal London.

The Pension Counseling Service is an independent organization that provides impartial information and advice on pensions that are made available to citizens free of charge.

So if you have a question, put a reminder in your phone or make a note of us on Monday, November 12, starting at 2 pm.

Alternatively, if you have a question or can not join us, you can always send an e-mail to pensionquestions@thisismoney.co.uk.

Steve will answer as many questions as he can. Therefore, he may not be able to answer to the same depth as in his weekly column.

How do I participate in "Webbchat"?

Steve Webb and Pensions Advisory Service experts will be available for questions on Monday, November 12, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

You can email your question to pensionquestions@thisismoney.co.uk. Please enter "Webchat" in the subject line.

Or you can tweet a question @this month

Or you can ask us a question on Facebook at facebook.com/thisismoney




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