Visit the gardens ″Gardens in the face of climate change″

Exhibition as part of Meet at the gardenson June 4 and 5, work by students from the Master’s Teaching Unit The Metropolitan Garden of the 21st Century at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse will be exhibited in the open air at the Bassin des Filters at the “Le Gros Arbre” guinguette 110 rue des Amidonniers in Toulouse, in partnership with Toulouse Métropole and with the support of Voies Navigables de France.

Master’s Teaching Unit The metropolitan garden of the 21st century of the National School of Architecture of Toulouse

This year, the national event Les Rendez-vous aux jardins addresses the theme “gardens facing climate change”.

To understand and act on the ecological crisis, the research work presented and commented on on site by the students questions on:
– What would be the large green spaces capable of regenerating the metropolis of the 21st century in the face of climate change?
– What would be the landscape sequences that would balance the excess of the metropolitan territory sanitized by the peripheral densification, the artificialization of the soil, the decline of biodiversity and the industrialized agricultural monocultures?
– What roles should these new gardens, parks and agricultural areas play in qualifying the Toulouse metropolis for the 21st century?
The sites of the projects studied are based on the natural and artificial hydrographic networks of the Garonne and its tributaries the Hers and the Touch, as well as those of the Canal des Deux Mers, but also on the mobility infrastructures and their fringes which intersect with them.

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Uli Seher Engineer Architect Urbanist Prof TPCAU
Marc Raymond Architecte MCF TPCAU
Jérôme Classe Landscape designer Geographer MCFA VT
Américo Mariani Sociologist MCFA SHS