Visiting Pasuruan, Khofifah Shows Off the Halal Anchor Bipang

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia –

The Governor of Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa and the Mayor of Pasuruan, Saifullah Yusuf or Gus Ipul, exhibited local products from Bipang Jangkar while visiting Pasuruan, East Java.

This typical Pasuruan Bipang Jangkar has been in production for 72 years. Khofifah also took a close look at the production of Bipang Jangkar on Jalan Lombok number 36 Trajeng, Pangunggrejo, Pasuruan City, Sunday (9/5).

Khofifah said that Bipang Jangkar is a halal product that has been in Pasuruan for a long time.

“My visit to Bipang Jangkar at the same time ensures that Bipang Jangkar is different from the viral ones which are made from non-halal raw materials,” said Khofifah.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), in commemoration of Indonesian Made Proud Day, invited the public to shop for Bipang Ambawang. The video is viral because Bipang refers to the acronym for roast pork, a typical West Kalimantan culinary treat.

In a short video uploaded on social media on May 5, Jokowi invited the public to buy Bipang Ambawang online amidst the ban on going home.

Apart from the virality of the video which made the Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi apologize as the event organizer, there is a blessing tucked away for Bipang Ambawang traders. (frd)

According to Khofifah, in every recitation visited, Bipang Jangkar products are almost always found. The main raw material comes from processed rice.

“So I want to convey to all parties that the Bipang Jangkar of Pasuruan Production is 72 years old and lawful,” he said.

Khofifah said that before Eid like this, Bipang demand usually increases. Good for souvenirs and serving at home.

“Many of Bipang Jangkar’s products have been modified in such a way with various flavors and are packaged in an attractive manner. Once again, people don’t worry,” he said.

Bipang Jangkar itself, pioneered since 1940 by Kwee Pwee Bhook. This meal is already famous among sailors who stop at Pasuruan Port to be used as souvenirs.

Centered on Jalan Lombok near the port of Pasuruan City, this snack made from rice and sweet taste is very popular with the people of East Java.

Besides being able to choose various flavors of Bipang, the shop can also see first hand the manufacture of Bipang and the bread that is produced. So that it becomes a sensation and believes in its quality by the connoisseur.

“Buyers will know for themselves that the materials and tools used are quite hygienic,” he said.

Every day, Bipang Jangkar is able to sell products and a turnover of around 10-20 million per day. That number will increase rapidly on holidays and weekends. Not only that, Bipang Jangkar Pasuruan is also able to serve online orderers.


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