Visual Concept shows and comments on new NBA 2K21 next-gen gameplay

The new generation is already looming, and although we have learned that some sports games will still take a while to arrive, it will not. NBA 2K21, which will be available from day one on both Xbox Series S | X and PS5.

Several weeks ago we enjoyed the first gameplay of the game, and today the Visual Concepts team offers us another, where the Executive Producer, Erick Boenisch, and the Gameplay Director of the game, Mike Wang, show us some of the new advances made thanks to the new generation hardware.

You can see it right here:

About the next-gen version of NBA 2K21

Today’s commented video gameplay features a game between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans, with images captured from a non-final version of NBA 2K21.

Erick and Mike highlight several examples of what the team has been able to achieve in the next generation version. Here are the highlights:

Lightning fast charging times: Thanks to the SSD hard drives built into next-gen consoles, NBA 2K21 now features incredibly short load times that get us straight into the action.

Closer than ever to real basketball: Next-generation advancements in movement, impact, shooting and dribbling provide an NBA 2K experience that blurs the line between the game and reality.

The pavilion comes to life: NBA 2K21 sets a new benchmark in audience engagement, thanks to more than 150 unique AI-powered viewers who behave realistically to create an innovative Lower Tier experience.

New perspective: The new Rail Cam transports fans directly onto the pitch, as if they were just another player, and highlights the incredible visual fidelity of the players and the pavilion.

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When it comes to broadcasting in English, the next-generation version of NBA 2K21 features two different teams of commentators. In addition to the current cast of Kevin Harlan, Greg Anthony and David Aldridge, we will also hear matches commented on by Brian Anderson, Grant Hill and Allie LaForce.

Special guests including Doris Burke, Steve Smith, Chris Webber, Brent Barry and Clark Kellogg, among others, will continue to bring their analysis and opinions to the games.

This Thursday, 2K will reveal new game modes and features exclusive to the next-gen version of NBA 2K21, and later on, fans will get an in-depth look at what will be the biggest expansion yet to the NBA 2K community meeting point. : the experience formerly known as El Barrio.