Vitalik pointed out! If you want to use Proof-of-Work, go for Ethereum Classic!

  Vitalik advises those who still believe in Proof-of-Work Goes Ethereum Classic Instead After Upgrading The Merge Looks Like a Good Blockchain not bad And the user community is lovely.

From the 5th The Ethereum Community Conference or EthCC held on July 19-21, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin stated that after upgrading The Merge, who still wants to use the network? Proof-of-Work I used to use Ethereum Classic instead.

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“Outside there is a blockchain that works like There are plenty of Proof-of-Works like Ethereum Classic, the traditional Ethereum that doesn’t betray the old vision of DAO upgrades. They’re a lovely community of users. And I think he should welcome the fans. Proof-of-Work for sure,” Vitalik said with the audience laughing.

“I’m not kidding, if you really like Proof-of-Work then you should go for Ethereum Classic, it’s a good blockchain.”

Ethereum Classic is a blockchain that spun off mainstream Ethereum in 2016 following a DAO attack, when the Ethereum team’s decision to resolve the issue ultimately led some parties to disagree. So decided to fork out to Ethereum Classic in order to preserve the original roots of Ethereum.

After the aforementioned EthCC seminar was over. As a result, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) has reached 100% in just 10 days, which is expected to benefit mainly from Ethereum’s The Merge upgrade.

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Although Ethereum Classic is not affected or changed in any way. With the upgrade of Ethereum, many people believe that Ethereum Classic will gain a large share of users from Ethereum.

For example, Ethereum miners will need to move to other networks, where Ethereum Classic is one of the top targets. of miners who needed to relocate their bases after The Merge took place, including those who still believe in Proof-of-Work exists, too.

Source: EthCC, Wu Blockchain