vitaly shishov death: Belarusian rebel killed in Ukraine; Danger suspected – exiled from belarus activist vitaly shishov found dead in ukraine

By Thomas Jose

The leader of a Belarusian rebel NGO based in Ukraine has been found dead. Vitaly Shishov is the leader of the Belarusian House in Ukraine (BDU). Suspicion of murder is now being raised. Sheshov was deported from Belarus last year

The Ukrainian police have concluded that the death of the leader of an organization that is based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, to help deported people and those fleeing the country in search of a safer living would be a murder. They have said they will conduct a detailed investigation into the incident.

Belarusian sprinter Kristina Simanoskaya has sought permission to return to Poland, citing domestic unrest and anti-government protests. They will go to Poland after the Olympics. Klistina alleges that the government is forcing her to return home for speaking out against coaches and so on. The allegations by Shezhov’s friends and colleagues point to the government led by Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus.

Sheshov is a man who was constantly hunted down by Lukashenko. In August 2020, Lukashenko brutally confronted an NGO movement and expelled many of the protesters who were part of it. Sheshov is one of them. The number of citizens leaving Belarus for such protests and for a peaceful life has skyrocketed over the past year.

Neighboring countries such as Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania are major refugees for Belarusians fleeing their homeland. The United Nations says Shishov’s death raises concerns about the situation in Belarus.

Earlier this year, Belarusian journalist Roman Protasevich and his partner were unjustly imprisoned. He was a leading critic of Roman Lukashenko, an opposition journalist. Roman was detained after being forced to land in Belarus on a flight to another location. This topic was with big news internationally back then

Shishov, who is now dead, has previously complained to Ukrainian police that he was being followed by strangers when he was released. He went to the gym on Monday and later went missing and is now found to have committed suicide. According to Sheshov’s colleagues, he left Belarus for Ukraine but has been under surveillance for the past year.

The organization’s response to the incident was as follows: “Police and people in Belarus have issued several warnings. They warned of possible kidnappings and murders, but Sheshov ignored them.

Belarusian House in Ukraine is a non-profit voluntary organization. The organization provides accommodation, food, employment and legal advice to Belarusian refugees.