Vitamin B6: an effective remedy for anxiety, stress and depression

To fight anxiety, emotional stress e the Depressionthe vitamin B6 is considered an excellent ally. This was revealed by a recent randomized study conducted on young adults, which revealed the key role of this vitamin (and more generally of proper nutrition) for fight some emotional distress.

Mental well-being through diet

In recent years, also thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people suffering from anxiety or depression has definitely increased, especially among young people. These are not always pathological conditions: sometimes, in fact, they have been temporary emotional states that tend to regress spontaneously, but that complicate the social relations and the achievement of their own personal goals.

In the most serious cases, the intervention of a specialized therapist is obviously necessary, but a study published in the scientific journal Human Psicopharmacology highlights the key role of vitamin B6 to combat the stress of everyday life. This vitamin is contained in many commonly consumed foods: white meats, legumes, green beans, fruit (excluding citrus fruits), whole grains, brewer’s yeast and much more. In short, a careful choice of foods could ensure a proper supply of vitamin B6 and a reduction in the emotional states of anxiety and depression.

It should be noted, however, that the positive results were found as a result of a dosage of vitamin B6 twenty times higher than normal, without detailed knowledge of what the undesirable effects of such an amount could be in the long run. Given that it is unlikely to achieve this vitamin intake with nutrition alone, the new study actually opens the door to new possible solutions for the maintenance of mental well-being through dietemphasizing once more the importance of vitamins and in particular of B6.