Physicians assign vitamin D an important role in human health
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Named to the majority, but not less useful properties of vitamin D.
Products containing vitamin D not only prolong life, but also affect the respiratory system, immunity, hormone synthesis and metabolism.
The first signs of an acute shortage in the body of vitamin D is muscle pain and memory loss. The total life expectancy is reduced by about a third in people who neglect food with the content of this useful element. Vitamin D removes toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system. Thus, observations of families in whose diets lacked the necessary substance revealed a greater predisposition of children to catarrhal and viral diseases.

In addition, the respiratory function weakens, often resulting in bronchial asthma under the influence of microorganisms and mites contained in the dust. Physicians tend to take vitamin D an important role in human health, recommending daily consumption of 600 IU, and after 70 years – 800 IU.


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