Vithas donates the budget of its Christmas dinner to charity

Due to the health crisis, all events and social gatherings have been cancelled, so Vithas Almería has proposed donating the budget which was available for the celebration of the Christmas dinner and party for two associations in the province.

The first of them is Casa Nazaret, a charity and religious that welcomes people who are at extreme risk of social exclusion in its facilities. Another of the chosen entities is APRAMP, (Association for the Prevention, Reinsertion and Attention to Prostituted Women), an institution that fights to eradicate the sexual exploitation of women and girls.

He has delivered the token check of donation the manager of Vithas Almería, Pilar Espejo. The event took place at the facilities of both associations, where the Vithas Almería team was able to see first-hand all the actions they carry out on a daily basis to help the most disadvantaged.


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