Vítor Aguiar e Silva is the Camões Prize 2020, a critic of the new Orthographic Agreement

Vítor Manuel de Aguiar e Silva is the winner of the 2020 edition of the Camões Prize. He is one of the “eminent teachers” signatories of the Petition in Defense of the Portuguese Language against the Orthographic Agreement, which counts more than one hundred thousand signatures.

He is a researcher dedicated to the study of Portuguese literature from the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as Camonian work and literary methodologies.

From its vast bibliography (see below), stand out Theory of Literature (1967), The Structure of Romance (1974), Literary Theory and Methodology (1990), Camões: Labyrinths and Fascinations (1994).

The minutes of the jury meeting of the 32nd edition of the Camões Prize, which took place in Lisbon, explains the choice of Vítor Manuel de Aguiar e Silva for the edition of the Camões Prize 2020: “The attribution of the Camões Prize to Vítor Aguiar e Silva recognizes the transversal importance of his essay work, and his active role in matters of Portuguese language politics and the canon of Portuguese language literature.

The minutes adds that “in the context of literary theory, his work has reconfigured the physiognomy of literary studies in all Portuguese-speaking countries. Subject to successive reformulations, the Theory of Literature constitutes itself as an emblematic example of a systematic thinking that continually revisits. It is also worth mentioning the important contribution of his studies on Camões. “

The jury of the 32nd edition of the Camões Prize consists of Clara Rowland, university professor (Portugal); Carlos Mendes de Sousa, university professor (Portugal), Antonio Cícero, university professor (Brazil); António Hohlfeldt, university professor (Brazil); Tony Tcheka, writer (Guinea-Bissau); Nataniel Ngomane, university professor (Mozambique).

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