An article about Vittel in Der Stern magazine.
An article about Vittel in Der Stern magazine.

Press review of the main reports on water from Vittel in Germany.

The report on the ZDF provoked a lively debate and the start of a petition on the website.

On May 9, the weekly Focus summarizes "Nestlé exhausts the water table by drilling, the inhabitants need a pipeline now".

On May 19 in the German weekly Stern, an article describes the lucrative trade with water.

On May 23, an article appeared in the newspaper Die Zeit.

On 1 June, the Zurich newspaper der Tagesanzeiger also talks about Vittel and Nestlé.

August 26, a report is devoted to Vittel and Nestle on the first channel (ARD) in "Europamagazin" a show devoted to Europe. With the testimony of Jean-François Fleck and Bernard Schmitt of the Eau88 collective and Cédric Egger geologist at Nestlé. For the story, the show locates Vittel … in Alsace.

Another report in the midday show of the first channel "Mittagsmagazin" on the ARD August 27.

Other articles have been published since May in regional newspapers and reports are also devoted to the radio issue.

The French press much more cautious

The article published in the Parisian.
The article published in the Parisian.

The history of Vittel has a snowball effect in Germany and the French press is much more cautious, as noted "Stop on Images" which title on October 19 on its site: "Nestle is water of Vittel: German emotion …. French discretion.

The Mediapart site also echoed the debate: May 26, Mediapart title: "In Vittel, Nestlé privatize the water table".

On June 9, the Parisian wonders: "Vittel soon dry" and publishes an article with a photo of the members of the collective "Water 88".

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