It appears from the official statistics that in Italy those who work in black are 3 million and 700 thousand, a huge figure.
Well all these gentlemen, figuring unemployed, will soon have the right to collect the income of citizenship, which amounts to 780 euros. Now, if we multiply the sum by the number of those who work under the table, we reach an impressive monthly total of 2 billion and 886 million.

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It is not over, because the twelve months of the year, another multiplication is needed: 2 billion and 886 million x 12 make 34 billion and 632 million. A mountain of money to be withdrawn from the empty coffers of the State that will increase the public debt to a frightening extent. If we then calculate that, in addition to the neristi, we must pay the real unemployed, abundant in the South, the money needed to satisfy the fake and genuine poor will double, rising to about 70 billion.

Here, according to the servant's account, which is never wrong, we can report to our readers that the maneuver studied (so to speak) by Di Maio and partners will unsustainably weigh on the budget of the country, sending it to hell, as not the troubles from which he is afflicted were enough. It is proof that the grillini have an intelligence deficit. It is not possible to waste capital that we do not have at home.

We also point out that even if Salvini insisted on abolishing the Fornero law and claimed to give life to the Flat tax, that is the lowering of taxes, our accounts would go to hell with the bicolored government, which would not be able to withstand the impact created. from similar holes. The real problem is this. We do not deny that the executive is motivated by good intentions, but to achieve them we need resources that unfortunately we do not have. My impression is that the new politicians have their feet firmly anchored on the clouds. If they do not land quickly they will go underground.

by Vittorio Feltri

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