Viviana Canosa made a discharge after being charged with illegal practice of medicine

Viviana Canosa was charged with “illegal practice of medicine” after the denunciation of the Neuquén deputy of the Frente de Todos, Mariano Mansilla at that moment in the air where he would have taken chlorine dioxide.

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On Friday, in a talk with his lawyer Juan Manuel Dragani, the driver made a strong discharge into the air in his cycle “Nada personal”, El Nueve.

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“I always faced the powerful because I like the truth. What’s wrong with me. I am in a great moment of my life because I am alone, with my daughter, my family, new friends appeared to help me unconditionally, “she said.

“Last Sunday, while they released this horrible news, I had to make sure they let me go to my personal phone WhatsApp messages telling me the things they would do to me, it was about gender violence, from dawn to dusk“, she indicated very angry.

“But he turned around, people already realized everything. Shift operators, hats, crawlers, they’re a horror, they’re pathetic. Do not be afraid of being free, do not be afraid of freedom, “Viviana continued.

I feel super proud, I finally made it mom, I arrived, it is beautiful to be on the sidewalk in front of the sons of bitches, of the jets, corrupt, criminals, it is beautiful to be on this side. It is pleasant, pure ecstasy, “she concluded energetically.


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