Vlaams Belang spent more than 150,000 euros on Facebook ads in June

From May 30 to June 28, the Flemish far-right party spent 116,586 euros to broadcast 81 advertisements.

Le Vlaams Belang has invested more than 150,000 euros in Facebook ads, can be observed from reading the report of the social media’s advertising library. This represents a large increase. The previous month, the far-right party had spent some 100,000 euros.

From May 30 to June 28, Vlaams Belang spent 116,586 euros to broadcast 81 advertisements on its name. In addition to these announcements, those of President Tom Van Grieken (24,927 euros for 33 advertisements), MEP Tom Vandendriessche (10,389 euros for 33 advertisements), the “Vlaams Belang Brussel” (3,791 euros for 8 advertisements) and those for a page entitled in French “Vlaams Belang – nos gens premier” (2.143 euros for 13 advertisements).

Behind the Vlaams Belang are the N-VA and the PTB-PVDA.

The Flemish nationalist party has spent the past 30 days 39,103 euros (37,836 euros in May) for 108 advertisements. To these announcements are added in particular those of President Bart De Wever (16,498 euros for 6 advertisements), the Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon (3,487 euros for 1 advertisement) or the MEP Assita Kanko (1,709 euros for 10 advertisements) .

The Communist Party PTB-PVDA spent nearly 50,000 euros under different names, down slightly, or 23,741 euros for 87 advertisements stamped PVDA, 14,881 euros for 58 advertisements for President Peter Mertens, 7,508 euros for 48 advertisements PTB or another 4,513 euros for 27 advertisements for the party’s student movement page, “Comac students”.

The CD&V crosses the bar of 10,000 euros spent, or 11,598 euros for 109 CD&V advertisements to which are added 4,858 euros for 35 advertisements in favor of President Joachim Coens.

We should also note the still significant activity of the president of sp.a Conner Rousseau (29,518 euros for 257 advertisements) and the sharp increase in expenditure in favor of the president of the MR Georges-Louis Bouchez (16,127 euros for 35 advertisements, compared to 10,656 euros in May ).


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