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“Vladimir Ilyich, with God!” Ulyanovsk “Volga” played in uniform with Lenin and released his double

April 22 is the 149th anniversary of the birth of the leader of the world proletariat, the revolutionary and creator of the Soviet state, Vladimir Lenin. While all over Russia once again argue whether it is time to demolish the monuments to Lenin, and bury his body, the Volga football club from the homeland of the leader of Ulyanovsk organized a charity event.

On the anniversary of the birth of Lenin, the Volga entered the field in T-shirts with a stylized image of Lenin. The leader is depicted as a goalkeeper – the traditional cap was complemented by gloves, a ball in one hand, the other makes a recognizable Leninist gesture.


Lenin painted Ulyanovsk artist Yegor Holtov.

Just in case: the signature of DMG MORI has nothing to do with Lenin – this is the world's largest manufacturer of metal-working machine tools from Germany, who opened a factory in Ulyanovsk.

T-shirts for all players after the match will go to a charity auction. In the Volga group on Vkontakte, in the comments under the T-shirt photo, the fans call their price – from a thousand rubles – which then must be transferred within 24 hours to the “Give We Do Good” Foundation.

In the comments in the morning are actively trading, the average price tag – about one and a half thousand rubles. The greatest demand is Captain Marat Safin. His "Volga" presented as "the favorite of Ulyanovsk tribunes" and "legend" – Safin has been playing in the Volga intermittently for ten years. Safin himself participated in the auction: the midfielder offered two thousand rubles, but now the best offer is four. With "Chelyabinsk" Safin came out in the second half, replacing the author of the goal Artem Serdyuk.


Interestingly, Volga's home stadium – “Labor” named after Lev Yashin (evacuated to Ulyanovsk Yashin during the war) – is located on Engels Street, and the club's office is located on Marx Street. It is in the office that you can pick up your purchased T-shirt, the club will send the form by mail to other cities. And the team conducts training, including at the Simbirsk stadium – this is exactly what the city was called when Lenin was born there.

Unfortunately, on this solemn event "Volga" is not over. The club said that Lenin had entered the application for the match on the 149th number (although it was not possible to find him in the match center on the PFL website), and on April 20 he sent the leader to the annual track and field baton. There, a man in the image of Lenin — with a cap, a beard, and in a suit — was touting for the match with Chelyabinsk.


“The Volga fans, led by Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin himself, conducted their own parade,” was told in the Volga group on Vkontakte. – The participants came out with banners with football slogans: “Spring is a nation, victory is“ Volga ”,“ To football, comrades ”.


Before the match with “Chelyabinsk” – the first at the “Trud” stadium in 2019 (the lawn is not ideal there now) – they entrusted the first blow to the same Lenin. In the very T-shirt with his portrait.

(Channel "Volga" / Ulyanovsk / on YouTube)
Channel "Volga" / Ulyanovsk / on YouTube

After the greeting (and shouting from the stands, “Come on, come on!”) ​​“Lenin” headed towards the judge, who was escorting the leader to the central circle. The announcer gave a countdown – “Three, two, one! Vladimir Ilyich, with God! ”- but the leader took a break and only after the whistle put the ball into play.

(Channel "Volga" / Ulyanovsk / on YouTube)
Channel "Volga" / Ulyanovsk / on YouTube

After that, the man hurried off.

(Channel "Volga" / Ulyanovsk / on YouTube)
Channel "Volga" / Ulyanovsk / on YouTube

Lenin urged to come to football with posters. It didn't help much: judging by the TV picture, at five evenings the weekday the stadium filled up weakly. However, this is only the sunny side – in the shadow, judging by the comments, there are more fans.


The match with Chelyabinsk is available on the Volga YouTube channel. Lenin inspired his countrymen to succeed: the score at the time of publication was 1: 0. The last victory for today "Volga" won in September just over "Chelyabinsk".

“We had no doubt that it would be great to link the theme of the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and our match,” Volga’s vice president Sergei Kuzmin told the Sport24 (nominated for president of the RFU). – Ideas flowed like a river. The main thing – they found a young guy, an actor who was made up. We presented the idea to the governor, he liked it. The most important thing is to have an interest.

All the limited jerseys in which the guys are playing are in demand. Tomorrow in the evening, the results will be summed up, and the Dari Dobro Fund will receive this money. The total amount will receive one of the Ulyanovsk families. We expect approximately 50-70 thousand for 21 jerseys.

We are asked to release an additional batch, but I am not yet ready to answer whether we will do it. The point is that T-shirts are limited and will not be any more. For now we’ll confine ourselves to this match. But the idea of ​​making T-shirts for every match will continue to be realized. Now we are waiting for the calendar for May, we have some interesting blanks.

Why now turned to the image of Lenin? Today we start the period of preparation for the 150th anniversary of his birth. We really hope that some things [за предстоящий год] will change in a positive way. And we will make our contribution.


If nothing is done, there will be no reaction, no comments. Neither positive nor negative. Interest is, most importantly, to be interested in football. And not only by the match, but also by what happens before, during the break and after the match. ”

In the table of the Ural-Volga region zone, the PFL Volga is fourth. Up to the first place, however, 15 points (the table is headed by Neftekhimik, where Kuzyaev played according to Berdyev’s advice), but up to the second – five. He is occupied by KAMAZ, which yesterday also surprised him with a powerful action: the striker of Ak Bars Artem Lukoyanov made his debut as a member of the team.

When Evgeny Savin came to Kazan for the next edition of “KraSavi”, he promised Lukoyanov to talk with “Spartak” about his release in one of the friendly matches. As a result, the offer to Lukoyanov was made by KAMAZ and released it in an entirely official match with Ufa-2, for the last five minutes. After the game, Artyom noted that he beat Ufa both in football and hockey, and from the stands they shouted “Puck, puck!”

And in another Ural-Volga club, Syzran-2003 (it is third), probably the most famous press attaché of the league Svetlana Shchepetkova works.


Shchepetkova was originally from Ulyanovsk, where she studied and worked as a nightclub manager. In Syzran, Svetlana moved to her husband, and then got a job in a football club, where she is now engaged in document management, organizes pre and post-match shows. I also arranged a “Save Syzran-2003” flash mob, when the club was threatened with closure due to funding problems.

(Svetlana Shchepetkova’s page on Vkontakte)
Svetlana Shchepetkova page in "Vkontakte"



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