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In the Russian city of Vladivostok, the summit meeting of Russia's President Vladimir Putin with North Korea's rulers Kim Jong Un began. Both heads of state shook hands at the opening of the meeting and emphasized their willingness to improve cooperation between the two countries. "I am pleased to see you here," Putin said to his guest, adding that he wanted to work for "positive" developments on the Korean Peninsula. "There is a lot of room for improving the economic relations of our countries," Putin said. Kim said he wanted to strengthen the "traditional ties" to the Moscow government.

The meeting takes place in the midst of new tensions North Korea and the US in the dispute over Pyongyang's nuclear program. Most recently, a summit meeting between Kim and US President Donald Trump in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi had failed. Putin now advocated a normalization of relations between the two parties to the conflict and offered to mediate. Russia supported efforts by Kim Jong Un, Russian President said after the meeting with Kim. The talks with him should also serve to find a way of support.

No agreement, no joint summit statement

Just like the USA is Russia on a nuclear disarmament of the neighboring country
Interested. However, the government in Moscow is much more in favor of easing the
Sanctions against the regime in Pyongyang. Kim is likely to join his
first visit to the nuclear power Russia demand security guarantees
he should get involved in disarmament steps.

That's exactly what he did not want to do when he met with Trump two months ago. After a brief conversation between the two, the summit was premature
canceled without any agreement being reached. This was just as little planned for the current Russian-North Korean summit as a joint summit declaration. After a four-eyes conversation of the two
Heads of State should be the delegations of both
Countries come together. Russian
Commentators had the event mainly as an image campaign for Kim and
Putin calls.

"That's just the first step"

The invitation was issued by Putin in May last year. On Wednesday, Kim passed with his armored special train
 the border between North Korea and Russia Рeight years after his father, now deceased Kim Jong Il, joined forces with the then
Kremlin chief Dmitry Medvedev had met. It should not have been his last meeting for his son. "This is just the first step," said the 35-year-old, after receiving military honors.

Meanwhile, the US government is exploring further steps. So Trump recently had another summit for
possible explained. And a week ago, the US Special Envoy responsible for North Korea had
Stephen Biegun visited Moscow. Both sides would have their goal one
complete and controllable denuclearization of North Korea
reaffirmed, the US Embassy said afterwards.



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