Maria Lyubicheva, vocalist of the electro-bar group Barto, held a single picket against censorship for musicians and the cancellation of concerts in Russia.
                      “I went to a single picket against censorship and cancellation of concerts. Because personally, I care and zadolbalo. So I got up, painted a poster and went. You can never be silent. Otherwise, creativity will be stifled, otherwise the price is worthless, for example, about everything we sang in Barto, ”Lyubicheva told Facebook.

“People walked by, approached, wondered what I was standing here for, supported, even hugged, supported by all passersby at that time. It was right in front of the police car, the staff were extremely polite, they even offered help in holding a public event, ”she added.
                      Recall that in recent weeks, mass cancellations of concerts, mainly rap artists, targeted at young people, have taken place all over Russia from Makhachkala to Yakutsk. The most serious problems happened to the IC3PEAK and Frendzon groups, and rapper Dmitry Kuznetsov, better known as Husky, landed in a cell for several days.
                      The Prosecutor General’s Office, in response to the request of Reedus, announced that it was considering a ban on holding concerts of rap artists in Russia at the request of the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Vladimir Petrov. According to the newspaper Kommersant, the FSB has already formed blacklists of musicians, whose performances may be in question.
                      Although concerts are not always frustrated by state representatives, the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not hide the fact that they want to increase pressure on performers under the pretext of fighting alcohol, drugs and debauchery. According to Vitaly Khmelnitsky, head of the department for interdepartmental cooperation at the Directorate General for Drug Control of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, “the cancellation of concerts of popular performers may be the most extreme, but necessary and justified measure.”
                      An attempt to establish a dialogue between rappers and officials failed: a meeting held on December 6 in the State Duma building, attended by such celebrities as Roman “Zhigan” Chumakov and David “Ptah” Nuriev, showed complete compatibility of points of view on the boundaries acceptable in popular culture.


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