Vocational training : liberalisation and individualisation, the two pillars of the reform

Vocational training : liberalisation and individualisation, the two pillars of the reform


happy Chance of the calendar, the Federation of vocational training (FFP), which represents one-third of the market in sales, makes public its study of the impact of the eve of the day chosen by Emmanuel Macron to give the starting signal for its reform. The head of State receives one-to-one this Thursday, the leaders of employers ‘ organisations and trade unions to inform them of its objectives and the path it intends to take to achieve it.

For the FFP, the concordance of time is all the more remarkable as she feels his time coming. Course littered with obstacles, training out of touch with the needs, opportunities poorly understood, opacity, inequality… The candidate Macron had pitched during the presidential campaign an indictment of relentless training, professional French, in which the representatives of the federation are totally. Since he was elected, Emmanuel Macron suggests directions in which these same professionals to call for their good wishes for years.


It was put back last week during a trip on the campus of the school of public works of Egletons, Corrèze. They can be summed up in two words.

The first is ” individuation “. In the vision of the labour market of the president, the skills are the best remedy to stay on top of his professional fate. These skills, it is therefore necessary to cultivate them, as freely as possible, of leaving school to retirement.

How ? Thanks to the personal account of training, the CPF. But a CPF is three times better with at least that what the act of 2014, which has made plans, 150 hours maximum for an employee, and yet, at the end of… seven and a half years ! Despite the limits that begin to appear on the use of this device , any person choose to use his credit as he sees fit, without fear of being.


For this, the head of the State promises the ” truth of prices “. In the clear : all training will be accessible to everyone but an independent authority will ensure the reliability of those who provide these services.

This is where the second word of the reform, that of ” liberalization “, with a dose of regulation. the ” It is necessary to move from a model administered with more than 75,000 players “ system ” drawn by the quality, simplified and evaluated in a transparent way “, has insisted Emmanuel Macron in the Corrèze region.

The FFP retains his breath. The social partners, who fear the big bang, which promises to be an opportunity for the State to hand over hand out of the 7 billion of the vocational training that they run (about $ 32 billion), too. But not for the same reasons…

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