Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Vocational training reform : the negotiation s’bogging


All that for it… Almost two months after it started, and one month from the date of its closing is programmed, the negotiation between the social partners on the reform of the vocational training gets bogged down. Trade unions and employers have agreed to enter, on the basis of a guidance document rather framed by the ministry of labour in accordance with the promise of Emmanuel Macron of an overhaul of a system criticized for its lack of effectiveness.

Only concrete outcome of the six sessions held prior to the truce of sweetshops : the refusal of the personal account of training, the CPF, is credited to something other than hours (contrary to the wish of the ministry of labour), and a leading… trading for the following.

unions disappointed

The resumption of discussions, this Friday at the headquarters of the Medef, has obviously not helped snap the first, the unions accused the employers of to play small arms and do not show ambitions to the challenges of the reform, or even, according to some, of the block.

” This was to be a meeting consensus, and yet it has not been easy, “, regretted Yvan Ricordeau, leader of the CFDT. the ” It was very hard to move on … “, ” said Jean-François Foucard for GSC, while for Michel Beaugas (FO) ” this does not bode well for the rest “, the subjects are the most complicated – governance and financing have not yet been discussed !

Only the CGT, and by the voice of Catherine Perret, has shown a bit of optimism on the possibility of strengthening the rights of employees. Without denying in so far as the schedule became increasingly tight, now with a week of slack just to keep it on schedule.

Text of the employers felt to be too exclusive

the First quack of the meeting, the trade unions have ejected the preamble of the text for the employers, pointing out that this part was written after everything was settled, and not before. This “blunder” to form evacuated, the trade unions were then pinned the weakness of the proposals concerning the anticipation of skills needs. After two rounds of the table, and a suspension, the subject was referred to next week in a new version.

Unanimously considered to be too focused only on the needs of the business, the part devoted to the definition of a training action has not met with much more success. As a result, the five unions have decided to hold the pen and will put on the table, a text that will be discussed at the next meeting. Due to lack of time, the party’s certification has been deferred to the next meeting.

Questions big

it is customary for a joint negotiation only to be blocked as in the last line right, choice, quasi-consensus of the social partners to refer the issues that annoy the end justifies the sinking current. the ” That the time limits are short it is obvious. It is a lot of work also. But if we are not going after it is because of the issues of governance or financing have not yet been addressed. Hence the impression of not advancing “, has a temperate-Florence Poivey, negotiator in chief for the Medef.

The unions do not suggest otherwise, but this does not prevent them to sketch out other explanations for the lack of enthusiasm of the employers ‘ side. In addition to divergent interests between large groups and SMES, in the context of the “policy” marked by the next succession of Pierre Gattaz at the Medef would not be foreign.

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