Vocational training : the mixed outcome of the plan, “500.000” of Holland

Vocational training : the mixed outcome of the plan, “500.000” of Holland


A failure to have reduced unemployment, the plan “500.000” formations of the end of the quinquennium, François Hollande, will be able to at least shed some light on his successor at the time he committed the effort even more so (15 billion by 2022). The balance sheet provides the ministry of Labour which have had access to “Les Echos” in fact shows that the billion euros put on the table by the State has not had an effect mainly mechanical.

Decided at the end of 2015, the plan “500.000” had the goal of doubling the number of training courses of the unemployed in the year 2016 to increase to a million. The goal has been achieved, but the forceps.

” Landscape complex and changing “

The regions have secured their role as a pilot, but they have had to do so that their services have been affected by the election at the end of 2015, and the movement of mergers undertaken previously. Pôle emploi has also been strongly put under pressure. Moreover, the reform of the vocational training of 2014 was in full deployment, which did not help things.

Despite this ” complex landscape and changing “, the shock could be absorbed. The rate of access to training has made a leap forward, from 8.4% to 15.1% between 2015 and 2016.

The rub, however, on the qualitative component of the plan, in what some observers have suggested for some time already . Was 51.2%, in the rate of access to employment within six months following the output of the training was done on-site. The measuring access to employment, said sustainable (CDI or CDD of more than six months) has declined.

Mistakes to avoid

Warning warns the ministry of Labour, these results are “purely descriptive” and do not allow to measure the impact of the training. the ” This would have to be able to restore, in 2015 and in 2016, what would have been the trajectory of the trainees if they had not been trained “, ” he says. What’s more, training is not sufficient in general, not for that unemployed long-term or low-skilled can reintegrate.

still, the report shows, in a hollow caught the original plan Holland. Decided in the emergency, in obedience to a tight schedule (which was no stranger to the pespective of the presidential election), it has been primarily funded short courses. The volumes to reach were such as Pôle emploi and the regions have – logically – privileged purchases of training rather than the skills needs of recruiters.

” With the benefit of hindsight it seems that emerges a real consensus on the disadvantages attached to a annual approach and a risk of “stop and go” in the policy and partnership , training of job seekers “, deduced from the ministry of Labour.

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