Vodafone plans to switch off the 3G network in Germany in mid-2021

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Dusseldorf After Telekom and Telefónica (O2), Vodafone has also announced a schedule for the end of the 3G mobile network. The end of June 2021 is over, the network operator announced on Thursday. The O2 network will also be terminated at O2 at the end of June 2021. Telekom wants to switch off the mobile radio standard by the end of 2021.

Vodafone justified the step with the fact that the network is no longer up to date. The 3G standard that was introduced almost two decades ago – also known as UMTS – is no longer up-to-date, it said. Only five percent of the data traffic in Vodafone’s mobile network ran through him. However, the number does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the number of customers.

In its annual report, the Federal Network Agency announced that around 48 million 3G and 2G SIM cards were still in use at the end of 2019. The authority counted 59 million SIM cards for the 4G mobile radio standard at the end of last year.

Customers who previously only had 3G contracts will have to switch to LTE (4G) or use the 2G GSM network for phone calls. This will remain active – it will be used, among other things, for communication between machines.

The previous antennas will remain attached to the “rededication” to 4G. The necessary additional equipment should come from the two Vodafone suppliers Ericsson and Huawei.

This could be a problem for some devices. 3G modems are sometimes installed in laptops, cars or routers. This could make you useless.

Some of the modems can also switch to the standard 2G. The corresponding network will continue to be operated by all network operators. However, it offers significantly lower data throughput rates.

With material from dpa.

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