Voice notes from Trump’s lawyer make the former president’s collaborators nervous

Trump’s lawyers fear impeachment.

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This Saturday, The New York Times reported that the voice notes that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran, dictated and were recorded on his cell phone could play a central role in the investigation on handling classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Two people familiar with the investigation confided to the aforementioned medium that Corcoran recorded audios for almost a monthas it were a soap opera, the investigation of the documents of the one in charge.

The recording also includes information about the search he conducted last June in response to a subpoena from any rrelevant record kept at Mar-a-Lago.

The same sources indicated that the recordings are protected under the attorney-client privilege or work productbut in March of this year a federal judge, Beryl Howell ordered that the Corcoran recorded memorabilia delivered to Smith’s office.

“Those protections were set aside under what is known as the Crime Fraud Exception, a provision that allows prosecutors to circumvent the attorney-client privilege if they have reason to believe that legal services or advice were used to further a crime,” the aforementioned outlet wrote.

Until now the content of those recordings is unknownbut Times noted that the information has made Trump’s close associates very nervouswho are concerned that they contain direct quotes from sensitive conversations.

This information comes days after The Guardian reported that Evan Corcoran told his associates that Donald Trump’s team and even the former president himself they told him that only in the storage room of his mansion were the classified documentsbut the FBI found more than 100 folders after a raid.

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