Voice problems! Beatsteaks make Rote Flora concert burst


Hamburg – Much excitement about nothing. The Beatsteaks have canceled their controversial “Soli-Concert” in the Rote Flora at short notice. Voice problems with the singer are the reason.

Dear community,
Unfortunately we have to cancel the concert in the Rote Flora in Hamburg.
Arnim’s voice is gone.
We will… Posted by Beatsteaks at the Tuesday, April 17, 2018

“We have to cancel the concert in the Rote Flora in Hamburg,” said the Berlin band. “Arnim’s voice is gone, we will announce a new date and make up for the concert as soon as possible, of course we are very sorry and we regret It very.” The successful punk rockers wanted to play tonight in the Rote Flora, the concert should be transmitted by loudspeaker on the shoulder blade – a permit from the district office Altona did not exist.

Photo: Volker Peschel “data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/werbung-fuer-das-spontan-konzert-der-beatsteaks-an-der-roten-flora-200761611-55424808/Bild/2. bild.jpg “/> Advertisement for the spontaneous concert of Beatsteaks at the Rote Flora Photo: Volker Peschel

Around the left-autonomous cultural center red Flora rages again since the G20 riots. There are calls for closure, but it remains unclear how far operators have been involved in the escalation of massive violence in July. Musicians such as Fettes Brot in 2013, the beginners in 2014 and Rage Against The Machine in 1996 have used their concerts for their survival. You will find the top stories from Hamburg and the surrounding area Facebook . Twitter and of course hamburg.bild.de ,


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