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Voiced by the TOP 5 reasons to buy a LADA Vesta Sport instead of a new coupe Toyota Supra: Automedia: VladTime

The Russian sedan in no way claims to be the competitor of a Toyota sports car, but Vesta has some advantages over the Japanese novelty.

Just yesterday, the debut of the Toyota Supra 2020 model year at the auto show in Detroit. In the new coupe, you can track both new and traditional solutions. For example, the rooftop sports car resembles a 1967 Toyota 2000 GT.

If you make a comic comparison of the “Supra” with the LADA Vesta Sport, you can understand that in some ways the Russian car is better. First of all, "Vesta" can be considered a more practical machine due to the presence of four doors, rather than two, like the "Japanese."

Another reason to buy a LADA Vesta Sport instead of a new Toyota Supra is the availability of a variant on the “mechanics”, because this type of gearbox is still preferred by many motorists today. The third reason is that “Vesta” is offered with units tested over the years.

In turn, the Japanese sports car was equipped with a new 3.0-liter in-line turbocharged unit from BMW, and the reliability of this brand has been doubted by many in recent years.

Despite the fact that sports cars are made to be rear-wheel drive, the presence of a front-wheel drive Vesta Sport can also be attributed to the advantages of this model, because this type of drive makes the car more manageable and therefore safe.

In addition, the Russian sedan is much cheaper. Prices for the "sports" novelty will start from about 1,000,000 rubles. The first Toyota Supra was sold for an incredible $ 2,100,000, but in the future the model will be available at a price of $ 49,900.

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