Volatile weather in the western regions of the country, accompanied by active dusty winds

Libya News 24

Today, Sunday, the National Center of Meteorology expected that the weather will be volatile in the regions of western Libya, accompanied by active to strong winds, sometimes causing dust and dust.

According to the weather forecast, the sky will be in Ras Ajdir until Sirte – the Jafara Plain – the Nafusa Mountains, with few clouds multiplying at times, with a slight possibility of light showers of rain.

And the winds are easterly to southeasterly, brisk, reaching speeds of (50 km/h) in some areas, causing agitation of sand and dust and a decline in horizontal visibility (especially tomorrow), turning from Tuesday to northerly with an improvement in visibility.

And the maximum temperatures range between (22-27) C, and an increase is recorded tomorrow, and it decreases starting from Tuesday.

In the Gulf-Benghazi Plain, until I help, the sky will be few clouds, and the winds will be northwesterly to northeasterly moderate in speed, turning tomorrow to easterly then southeasterly, gradually activating over the Gulf and the Benghazi Plain, causing dust and dust to stir up, especially on Tuesday.

And the maximum temperatures range between (18-23) C, and do not exceed (16) C in the areas of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, and it records a rise on Tuesday in most areas.

In Al-Jafra-Sabha-Ghat-Ghadames-Al-Hamada, the sky will be partially to completely covered with clouds, with the possibility of scattered rain, especially from Tuesday, which may be accompanied by thunderclouds.

The winds are southeasterly, brisk, stirring up dust and sand, causing a drop in horizontal visibility in some areas.

And the maximum temperatures range between (30-34) C, and it does not exceed (26) C on Al-Jufra, and it records a rise tomorrow.

In the oases – Al-Sarir – Tazerbo – Kufra, the sky will be clear to the appearance of some clouds, and the wind will be northeasterly to easterly, light to moderate.

And the maximum temperatures range between (22-26) C, and a gradual rise will be recorded from tomorrow.