Volksfest Day of the Saxons will take place in Frankenberg in 2022

The folk festival always takes place annually in Saxony and is always a special experience. In 2020, Saxony’s Day did not take place as usual, but the Board of Trustees decided on April 8, 2021 that the folk festival should take place in Frankenberg the following year. Since 1992 it has become a tradition that the folk festival, the day of the Saxons, was held every year by a different Saxon city. All the work presented on that day is meant to represent local customs. In 2020 the state pondered for a long time whether the festival should take place this year as well. Ultimately, the decision was made to cancel it because of the corona pandemic.

However, the corona pandemic was not only responsible for the fact that no more festivals could take place, but also for the fact that many people lost their jobs. A loan or credit was, and still is, a last resort for many people. On erfahrungsscout.de you can get a lot of information about required loans or credits. Anyone who needs bridging assistance can find out more here. The Day of the Saxons is one of the largest folk and homeland festivals in the Free State. Every year on the first weekend in September, hundreds of thousands of Saxons and non-Saxons flock to the popular festival. Day of the Saxons, how it all started

The Day of the Saxons took place for the first time in 1992 in Freiberg. This year more than 500 associations and clubs took part on this day. For the first time, 250,000 people came to Freiberg for the folk festival. In 2000 the Day of the Saxons was celebrated for the first time in Zwickau and this is where most of the visitors came to this festival. About 595,000 visitors were counted, an incredible number of people. In 2012 the Heimatfest took place in Freiberg and here too the number of visitors was enormous. Around 480,000 visitors were counted.

Every Saxon city can apply as a venue for the Day of the Saxons. There is one prerequisite, however, because the location where the event is to take place must be able to cope with a high onslaught. Thousands of people must be able to move freely and no one should be harmed. If you want to enjoy the folk festival in Frankenberg for a few days, you can relax here excellently. The beautiful picturesque city has a lot to offer. The garrison town is near the city of Chemnitz. Its visitors can expect historical buildings, parks and castles and special museums. Anyone who sets out in September can also be a part of the folk festival. Saxony is the seventh largest state in Germany.

Next year, Saxony’s Day will take place between September 9th and 11th. In 2020, the Day of the Saxons was originally supposed to take place in Freital, but this did not happen because of the Corona crisis. It was to be the 30th day of the Saxons and 100 years of Freital should be celebrated.