Volkskrant lashes out at gossip channels: employee falsely accused of affair Tom Egbers | show

A Volkskrant employee has been falsely accused by gossip channels of being the intern with whom Tom Egbers had an affair. Pieter Klok, editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant, writes this in a column. As a result of those allegations, her name and contact information were made public. Photos of her house were also published.

This week, a gossip channel published a rumor that the intern is now an employee at Volkskrant. ‘That is total nonsense’, writes Klok in his column. A day later, another gossip channel released the name of a Volkskrant employee who was once the 22-year-old trainee, including her contact details. Also total nonsense.’

The Volkskrant employee then got all kinds of curses thrown at her head via social media. Her contact details, photos of her house and data from the Land Registry were also published. Clock thinks it is serious that there are people who believe the rumors of gossip channels and take action. “Such harassment of our sources and employees is unacceptable.”

Egbers was discredited two weeks ago because of a Volkskrant article about NOS Sport. He is said to have intimidated and bullied a female intern with whom he had an affair for a while. This story was confirmed to the newspaper by several contributors. Egbers himself admits that he has abused the female colleague in front of colleagues on the editorial staff of NOS Sport. According to him, there was no question of a hand gesture of cutting a throat, as the Volkskrant wrote.