Volkswagen causes outrage with a racist commercial on Instagram

The Volkswagen Group is in trouble with a commercial. The film contains allusions to colonial history and turns a black figure into a figure that snaps an oversized white hand. Then the lettering “The New Golf” appears – however the letters are faded in so that the word N, E, G, E and R can be seen for a moment.

“Volkswagen is switching to Insta racist advertising, and I wonder how you can just do EVERYTHING wrong within 10 seconds,” writes a user on Twitter. “What a disgusting advertisement – I’m just ashamed that we drive a VW …” is one of the answers.

As far as is known so far, the clip is probably part of a whole series in which a couple plays tricks on each other. The producers would also have taken up the current trend in Instagram films to show a big hand in the picture that treats objects in the film like toys. The fact that a person is the subject of “treatment” here – and one with a darker skin tone – did not seem to play a major role.

Shortly after the publication on Instagram, the clip triggered a storm of outrage, VW has now deleted the advertising and apologized in another Instagram post. “As you can imagine, we are surprised and shocked that our Instagram story can be so misunderstood,” it says, among other things.

A spokesman spoke similarly to SPIEGEL: “Volkswagen clearly positions itself against all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination”, against the background of its own company history. “Many initiatives in the company and in our global workforce promote diversity, integration and unprejudiced cooperation. It is all the more annoying that we made this mistake.” It will be clarified completely against what background the film was created.

Last year, a commercial by the car manufacturer with gender stereotypes caused excitement. The British advertising regulator therefore banned the film from being broadcast. “We can achieve everything” was the statement of the film at the time – but mainly men in space or in eGolf were shown. He drove past a woman in a stroller.

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