Volkswagen ends sales of cars with combustion engines in 2035

The bet on electric cars is increasingly present in large car manufacturers. These are already for many an active and present proposal in its offer, opening the way for what will be a future free of combustion engines.

After other brands have taken a stand, now is the time for Volkswagen to unveil its plans. The German brand has now revealed that in 2035 it will abandon sales of cars with combustion engines, focusing only on electric ones.

The market has proven the potential that electric cars will bring. More and more drivers are opting for these solutions, which promise to be more environmentally friendly and have lower energy consumption and better adjusted to current times.

Volkswagen has already started to bet on this market and has already available several proposals. These are based both on models created from scratch with combustion engines, as well as on models created from scratch to be electric and with all the associated characteristics.

Volkswagen Electric Cars Combustion Engines

Klaus Zellmer, a responsible for Volkswagen, revealed in an interview the brand's plans for this market. The German auto giant wants to end sales of cars with combustion engines by 2035. These are plans for Europe, leaving the US and China for later.

The responsible for Volkswagen also revealed that the market expects that in 2030 about 70% of car sales in Europe will be electric. Thus, and according to the brand, everything points to it being ready to assume a prominent position in a market with more and more restrictions.

Volkswagen Electric Cars Combustion Engines

Volkswagen's decision follows the line of other competing brands that have recently revealed their plans. Audi, Fiat, Volvo and other brands have already set their dates for this step. At the same time, countries are already planning to end sales of cars with combustion engines.

Volkswagen thus takes an important step to establish its position in the market. By abandoning combustion engines and betting on electric cars, he assumes he wants to change and help change this market.

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