Volkswagen ID.5 around the corner. Production of the new SUV coupe will begin in 2022

The German brand will expand its family of electric models with an SUV coupe. It will also be available in the top version of the GTX with an output of 220 kW.

As part of its emphasis on electromobility, Volkswagen is gradually expanding its range of electrically powered models. After the compact hatchback ID.3 and SUV ID.4, the next model in Europe is the ID.5 model, which is currently featured in official images of masked prototypes. Production will begin in 2022.

ID.5 will be the expected SUV coupe derived from model ID.4. A more logical marking would therefore be the ID.4 coupe, but the name ID.5 should emphasize a greater difference from the starting car, which should be reflected in the higher price tag. In any case, they will be siblings of the upcoming Škoda Enyaq iV coupe or Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron.

The main difference from ID.4 will therefore be the rear sections, or the body part from the B-pillars to the rear. The roof line of the ID.5 is more rounded, the descending stern with a folding fifth door evokes cars with a liftback body. To a certain extent, it will be a similarly designed car as the Renault Arkana, but with a purely electric drive. By the way, the luggage will offer the same volume as ID.4, ie 543 liters.

The basis in the form of a fully electric MEB platform coincides with ID.4, with which the range of offered versions will largely coincide. However, they all have to offer lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 77 kWh, while for ID.4 it is also available with a smaller, 52kWh set. That’s why the different name…

The basis will be a variant with rear-wheel drive, with an electric motor with an output of 125 kW. However, there will also be a more powerful version with 150 kW, or the top Volkswagen ID.5 GTX with all-wheel drive thanks to a pair of electric motors with a combined power of 220 kW.

Thanks to the technical affinity with ID.4, the parameters should not differ significantly either. The range should therefore be up to 520 kilometers, depending on the version offered. The GTX could then accelerate from 0-100 km / h in some 6.2 seconds.

Volkswagen ID.5 will start production in 2022, its production will be taken care of by the plant in Cvikov, where this SUV coupe will be created alongside ID.4 and ID.3.