It is not yet clear under what name it will be marketed, but the series version of the study car unveiled today by Volkswagen will be introduced to the European market as early as 2023.

The VW Passat gets a brother

The first debut in China. Aero’s key feature is its very favorable coefficient of fluid resistance of 0.23 – another issue is that there are now dozens of models with electric and internal combustion powertrains that are even more streamlined.

Brother gets the VW Passat 15

However, this value is enough for the MQE electric floorboard model to have a visibly better range of up to 619 kilometers from the same technology – its 77 kWh battery.

The VW Passat gets a sister 16

The model, intended for global sales, is the first in VW to pair the electric drive and sedan. However, the classic ID features have been retained, ranging from luminaires to short overhangs.

The doors of the almost five-meter-long study car can be opened with touch-sensitive surfaces instead of a handle. The wheels are 22 inches.

Brother gets the VW Passat 17

Volkswagen has not yet provided any further technical details.

You can watch the Volkswagen ID in a short video below. Aero study. If playback does not start automatically, click on the image!

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