Volkswagen ID.BUZZ, only 12,500 pre-orders so far. But there is the success of the cargo version

Volkswagen ID.BUZZ it has already been pre-order for a few months, but it seems that the interest of customers is all in all lukewarm. For what aspires to be the new icon of the German brand, they have arrived so far approx 12,500 pre-ordersas the same company has made known.

The factors that may have influenced a less than warm welcome could be different. In the first place could be the choice of offer only one version for nowthat is, with the largest battery size, 77 kWh, and with a single size and configuration, with the canonical seats 5 in car style. The vehicle has often and for a long time been advertised as a recreational vehicle, and the traditional seating arrangement, and limited cargo space may not please anyone who dreamed of some sort of electric camper.

ID.BUZZ has also been seen by a lucky few so far, as Demos are still missing in dealerships. Those who ordered, therefore, did so in a poke, based only on photos, videos, and in some cases on the prototypes seen live. Volkswagen promises that sellers will soon receive the first vehicles, but times are very tight. Then there is the question of the price, which certainly does not facilitate the spread of a vehicle that does not have an extended range. In Italy it starts from 66,000 euros.

Finally, the waiting times have presumably left some customers perplexed. Even with a limited number of orders, annual production is assumed to be exhausted, already bringing deliveries to late spring 2023. Despite these negative points, it should nevertheless be emphasized that on the total about half, or 6,000 orders, are for the Cargo version, indicating a particular focus on the commercial sector. Using a long-awaited means of marketing could prove to be a smart move, and this has prompted many companies and professionals and not to waste time.

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