“Volkswagen ID.Buzz” will be presented only in 2023, but new functions have already been tested in Lithuania

“The new Volkswagen ID.Buzz is one of the most anticipated news in the automotive industry not only around the world, but also in the Baltic countries. The new model will reach dealerships in the Baltic countries as early as 2023. in January,” says Merli Ainsaar, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Brand Manager in the Baltic States.

In fact, this car has already visited Lithuania and Latvia for a short time – it participated in the “Car of the Year” competitions. During it, the tender commission tested the latest driver assistance systems.

VIDEO: The VW ID Buzz feature is very interesting. VW ID BUZZ Parking test

What are those systems? ID.Buzz optionally offers Travel Assist with cluster data and Park Assist Plus with memory function (see video above). These systems can also be ordered additionally with the purchase of all other new IDs. models, from ID.3 and ID.4 to ID.5.

Travel Assist with swarm data

The optional Travel Assist system can keep the van in the same lane, maintain a distance to the vehicle in front and ensure that the ID.Buzz does not exceed the maximum speed set by the driver. For this, among other things, an adaptive lane guidance system is used, which actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane.

Travel Assist adapts to the driving style and can also keep the vehicle not in the very center of the lane, but closer to the left or right side of it. The Travel Assist system also includes adaptive cruise control and cornering assist.

New Travel Assist features. If anonymous swarm data from other Volkswagen models is available, the Travel Assist system can use it to keep the vehicle in the same lane using only one lane marking.

In this case, the auxiliary system can also be used on country roads that do not have a central dividing lane. Thus, swarm data increases the availability of Travel Assist, driving comfort.

Swarm data from many cars. Swarm data brings Volkswagen even closer to automated driving. Personalized swarm data is generated by several hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen Group cars. All of them capture certain characteristics of the vehicle’s environment, such as road lines or road signs, and when combined with map data, all this is transferred to the cloud. The processed and individually adapted data is received by other Volkswagen models currently driving on the respective road sections.

Assistance when changing lanes from 90 km/h. Driving on the highway at a speed greater than 90 km/h. speed and at the driver’s request, the Travel Assist system with swarm data can help change lanes. When this feature is enabled, the lane change action can be initiated and performed by touching the turn signal. For this to work, the sensors must not detect any objects around the vehicle and the driver’s hands must be on the touch-sensitive steering wheel. In this case, ID.Buzz automatically switches to the desired lane. The maneuver can be stopped and taken over by the driver at any time.

Park Assist Plus with memory function

Another optional driver assistant for the Volkswagen ID.Buzz is Park Assist Plus with memory function. This innovative driver assistance system can memorize up to five individual parking maneuvers.
It can remember parking actions performed at a speed of less than 40 km/h. speed and at a distance of no more than 50 meters. This can help to park the car, for example, in a carport or garage. The driver only needs to park the vehicle himself once and save the sequence of actions, and ID.Buzz will be able to repeat it himself. The assisted parking system uses ID.Buzz sensors that monitor the environment – it maneuvers, accelerates, brakes and shifts gears by itself. Also, this system can extend parking maneuvers initiated by the driver and, if possible, complete them.