Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TFSI Plug-In-Hybrid R

For those who are lovers of numbers, heaven itself on the Volkswagen Touareg R paper. It has data that embarrasses sports cars, it knows more in torque than in a Lamborghini Huraca, and the 5.1-second acceleration sounds dizzy from a car this big. But there’s another side of Bruce Banner, the green giant, who really crushes the most rather than save the Earth.

Torsen has all-wheel drive with a central differential and can be efficient in the field

The automotive industry now looks like it can’t decide what it wants. Environmentally friendly cars, or strong cars, because there is a demand for both and most manufacturers have an answer for that. The Touareg R 462 is a horsepower muscle colossus, while also able to glide through the city on tiptoe. Which side are we trying to rate? Can it be good at both? In fact, we haven’t seen an example of this yet, but then at least one should be good.

Unfortunately, little can be said about this Touareg. Let’s look at the cleanest side first. Promising an electric range of 47 kilometers, according to WLTP, in 2022 sounds awkward, and you’re sure not to know that in reality. During the test period, he was just 32 miles away with the most careful driving style. This is only 7 kilometers more than the limit of entitlement to a green license plate. That’s how much you can go through Budapest and back, so the goal would theoretically suit you. But for that, we have to treat the accelerator as if we had backed up our most feared model car.

In other words, with the towering sports model, we have to try to start no farther than any small three-wheelchair with limited mobility, otherwise we won’t have that many kilometers. Anyway, it helps to do this, it is an adaptive obstacle on the accelerator pedal in this case, at first we can only depress it as long as we can use the electric drive. As soon as the petrol engine starts, this obstacle switches off. It can accelerate to 140 km / h with an electric motor if we have the patience, but we are guaranteed not to have more than 15 kilometers left.

462 sad horsepower - Volkswagen Touareg R 59

It only lets agate so low at highway speeds

Then there’s the smart side, dr. Banner. It is able to charge the battery on the go with the petrol engine, up to a set percentage, which of course is not very efficient. But, if the navigation goes, it will charge the battery depending on the route, which means it has enough power in the city sections, which is a clever solution. In this mixed-drive use, with the most careful pedaling possible, it was able to refuel an average of 12.2 liters on many roads at speeds of up to 90 km / h, which is not much compared to the size of the car, compared to the degree of self-restraint. There was no major acceleration, no overtaking, no highway, not even a decent start.

After that, we wonder what Hulk, the Green Order Destroyer, may know. 462 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque are already moving this and that, at least we would think. The sound of the V6 engine is nice when twisted, but we don’t hear too much about it due to the sound insulation, so the sound experience is essentially negligible. Its steering is non-existent, the feeling of braking is quite virtual, the pedal travels a long way and it is very difficult to slow it down gently, which is quite negative for comfort.

462 sad horsepower - Volkswagen Touareg R 60

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Although the data suggests he should wrap the asphalt under himself, he’s actually able to get started in a pretty soft way. Whatever mode we try, it takes seconds between treading the accelerator pedal and starting. The response time of the drive is terrible, even though the electric motor promises agility. Clearly, all-wheel drive is the best player. Once the drive has pulled itself together and we have started, it will feel noticeably backwards, it will push harmoniously from behind even in bends and will be quite stable throughout. It can’t be pulled out of the swirl, the undercarriage is working nicely, at that time at least 1 ton out of the 2.6 tonne weight disappears a bit.

Then, on road faults, his nose begins to bounce first, causing his back to wobble and the experience, which looks good for a few moments, falls to pieces in the blink of an eye. Therefore, we rather let go of sporty behavior and surrender to hybrid traffic in hybrids. Whenever we have a 2.6-tonne big car left unused with a large engine and not exactly an outstanding electric range, it definitely consumes around 12 liters.