It seems that the legend of the Volkswagen Beetle is on its way to receding
The car "Beetle", which was associated with the name of the first name Adolf Hitler and later became the name "car of the people"
Will be discontinued in the next year 2019, according to the German company Volkswagen and published by the agency "Reuters"
To turn the page of the model dating back to the sixties of the last century, while the company is preparing to jump to the production of electric cars.

The original Volkswagen Beetle was developed in the 1930s at the personal request of Hitler
In the 1960s, Beetle became the icon of the new generation of small cars. In the mid-1990s the CEO paid

Volkswagen of the time Ferdinand Beach revived the distinctive design of Beatles, whose grandfather was a pioneer, to him and modernize it.

As a result of Bech's efforts, the Hilali model was named "New Beetle" and was launched in 1998.



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