Völler: “Karl Lauterbach is simply populist”

Soccer Rudi Völler

“Mr. Lauterbach is simply populist”

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Sports medic feels “not comfortable” with league restart

Sports physician Wilhelm Bloch from the German Sport University Cologne believes that the starting point for resuming play in the Bundesliga is too early. He also raises the question of the risk for professional athletes.

The SPD politician Karl Lauterbach has been criticizing the resumption of the Bundesliga for weeks. Rudi Völler now has enough of that. The former national coach attacks Lauterbach sharply.

Bayer Leverkusen’s sports director Rudi Völler has attacked health expert Karl Lauterbach (SPD) sharply because of his ongoing criticism of the DFL concept to continue the Bundesliga.

Völler accused the Harvard graduate and epidemiologist of unjustified and populist statements about how the German Football League dealt with the corona virus. “But with Mr. Lauterbach, who is himself a doctor and based on this fact his expert status, some claims were simply not true,” said Völler in an interview with the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”.

SPD politician Karl Lauterbach

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Specifically, the 60-year-old former national coach only mentioned Lauterbach’s claims that the DFL, with its many tests, was taking away test capacities from the general practitioners. “Mr. Lauterbach is not only on this issue in a simply populist way,” said Völler. “Every test laboratory in Germany” would say the opposite.

Lauterbach called the DFL concept “a farce”

Völler also said, however, that he would accept criticism from scientists and physicians “if it was conclusive, understandable and based on facts”. Lauterbach, on the other hand, who has his constituency in Leverkusen, snubbed “top people” with his attitude, such as DFB chief physician Tim Meyer.

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Lauterbach had repeatedly spoken in the past few weeks on the subject of the Bundesliga and had thus become a kind of chief critic of the resumption of play. He called the hygiene concept of the DFL, among other things, “a farce” and the restart under these conditions a “devastating signal for the public”. In addition, the health of the players “hardly played a role”, it was “only one.” Secondary aspect “. The Bundesliga is heading for an embarrassment.


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