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Volleyball – jump into the cold water – sport in the region


After the holidays, before the location is determined: Herrschings volleyball players go swimming and receive Giesen at the start of the second round.

Three and a half weeks of competition breaks are long. Three and a half weeks of competition break over Christmas are even longer. The festival is not considered a wedding for fitness tours and a low-calorie diet. So the kick-off in the volleyball Bundesliga is always strongly linked to the question of who best managed to strike the balance between relaxation and maintaining tension over the holidays. On the occasion of the first game, coaches like to speak of jumping into cold water. Max Hauser, coach of the WWK Volleys Herrsching, saves this metaphor before the home game against Giesen this Thursday (8 p.m., Nikolaushalle). Instead, he and his players implemented it according to the Herrschinger tradition: with a fearless bath in the nearby Ammersee.

Hauser estimates the current temperature at six or seven degrees – which is almost comfortable for club conditions. The inventor of respiratory technology, who the Herrschinger learned for their bathroom because it should make the cold more bearable, usually bathes cooler. He is a kind of professional extreme cold hunter who is dressed in minimalist clothing in the high mountains or on the Arctic Circle or chops holes in frozen water for swimming. "Unfortunately, we don't have winter to go ice-bathing," says Hauser, sounding a little disappointed. But even without pack ice floes, the day's swimming together was a good teambuilding measure.

Overall, the team's shape curve went up just in time for the start "just in time", says Hauser. He was only moderately satisfied with a friendly against last season's Eltmann (2-2) last Saturday: too many service errors, too many wobbles in the assumption. The game against Giesen is only supposed to be an easy task. Although the Sixth Herrsching and the penultimate table were separated by five places and ten points, Giesen is an uncomfortable opponent as a team with strong blocks and attacks. Düren and Frankfurt already felt this, and they were both affected. "Giesen is also very strong physically," says Hauser. He sees the key to success in the markup.

The mental pressure lies with Herrsching. To keep up with the tied Lüneburgers in fifth place and the one point better Frankfurt, they have to win games like against Giesen. "This is also a kind of location determination," emphasizes Hauser.

The game will provide initial insights into whether it is about securing play-off participation in the following weeks or whether you can look towards the top quartet. Attacker Tom Strohbach is probably not an option against Giesen, he is suffering from elbow edema. Apart from that, all players are fit. The Herrschingen team was spared the flu wave, which severely disrupted the preparation for some teams in the women's and men's leagues. "It comes from ice bathing, you don't get that," says Hauser. The lake not only seems beautiful, but a real location advantage.

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