Volleyball. Record attendance in Rezé for the NRMV

March 19, 2023 at 9:55 p.m. – Modified: March 20, 2023 at 10:22 a.m. by Dolorès CHARLES


The strongest won, but the NRMV, beaten by Tours this weekend 3 sets to 0 in Rezé (44), set a record attendance with 4,725 spectators welcomed into the Trocardière hall.

Record attendance for a Ligue A match last night (Saturday March 18) at Rezé in Loire-Atlantique, with 4,725 spectators at La Trocardière! But no feat on the other hand for the Nantes-Rezé club, logically beaten by Tours 3-0. A missed opportunity for the NRMV to take the lead in the championship just one day from the end of the regular season. Hubert Henno’s men could dream of a direct place in the Champions League next season. We’ll have to get her in the playoffs.

Hubert Henno : “The strongest won!”

The analysis of the Nantes-Rezéen coach at the microphone of Simon Reungoat. When you lose 3-0 at home, the strongest has won! What we missed was to stop making mistakes, more than 18 in total during 2 sets. Already we have trouble against Tours, if we give free points, it becomes complicated… Afterwards we deserved this match: I mean we lose but we are still second! The objective is to keep this second place, and then we will see who we fall against in the playoffs. We will talk about it again if we play again against Tours, because that would mean that it will be the final!”

Hubert Henno

Credit: Simon Reungoat

Unprecedented attendance for the NRMV

For receiver-attacker Thibaut Thoral, this packed room deserves to be filled again. “It’s incredible to play in a room like that, more than 4700 people, it’s even more than full! It’s unprecedented for volleyball to bring so many people for a simple championship match. That’s why we’re so disappointed not to have taken advantage of this room, not to have made them doubt a bit, and set fires… The club does a lot of work for that, people come back because they have a show. We have to move forward to fill this room there as much as possible during the playoffs!”

Thibaut Thoral

Credit: Simon Reungoat

Hubert Henno

Nantes-Rezé will have to go to the end of the playoffs to win a historic ticket for the Champions League, but before that there is a last regular season trip to Tourcoing next Saturday.