Vologda residents will help to identify the risk of skin oncology at an early stage
In Vologda on May 21 will be held day of early diagnosis and prevention of melanoma – a malignant tumor of the skin with a fast and aggressive course of the disease . Residents of the region with suspicious neoplasms on the skin – moles, pigmented spots – will be able to undergo a free examination with an oncologist. According to the health department of the Vologda region, for the first time such an action was held in 2010, from this moment every year the number of those wishing to undergo the examination grew. In 2017, doctors examined and counseled more than 600 people. Statistics show that in the whole world, and in Russia, and in particular in our region the number of patients with melanoma is constantly growing, more often it develops in women . At the same time, a potentially fatal disease is easily treated at an early stage. Patients will be admitted to Sovetsky Prospekt, 102-b (conference hall) in Vologda, from 9 to 13 hours. The direction of the doctor is not required, the reception is conducted in the order of the queue, informs IA “SeverInform” .

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