Voluntary blood donation is a pending task

The voluntary and timely donation of blood, which allows responding to the national demand and putting an end to the drama of patients who need a transfusion, continues to be a pending task in the Dominican Republic, whose annual deficit is estimated to reach 300,000 units.

When commemorating today, June 14, World Blood Donor Day, the issue was once again on the table. Hematology specialists, authorities and the private sector linked to blood banks once again joined their voices with a call to conscience to the population about the importance of that altruistic act that is the donation of blood and its blood products.

On the occasion of the date, different collection points for voluntary donations and educational campaigns have been set up in the country by the health authorities through the National Blood Center, such as the Dominican Red Cross and the Reference Blood Bank.

Abinader’s visit
At 9:00 am today, the National Blood Center plans to receive a visit from President Luis Abinader at its headquarters to lead an act of commemoration and motivation for voluntary donation. The entity’s director, Pedro Sing, reported that Node O will be left in operation during the activity, the first of 21 that will be installed nationwide to facilitate the collection, processing, dispatch and delivery of blood tissue and its derivatives.