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Voluntary plans go beyond what is necessary

by archyw

The demand for medical services offered by EPSs that go beyond the Health Benefits Plan (PBS) is increasing due to the advantages they represent such as agility in the allocation of appointments, greater coverage, more personalized attention, savings in time of answer, among others, becoming a necessity and not a simple luxury.

It is possible to choose between what prepaid medicine offers and the Complementary Health Care Plan, PAC, which have several differences in rates and coverage.

Both options require that the user be affiliated with a Health Promotion Entity, EPS. However, the first can be contracted regardless of the health promoter to which the interested party belongs, while the second is a kind of extension of the insurer of which it is part, but the use of the services is not limited during the year.

Although the two products complement the health services that a person has in Colombia with a more complete and efficient care, the choice depends on variables such as budget, needs, place of residence, among others.

“As far as possible, having a Prepaid Medicine plan will make an important difference in access, opportunity, care network, diagnosis and definition of treatment in a timely and continuous manner,” he underlines. Bertha Lucia Varela, technical manager of Health Assurance of Coomeva Prepaid Medicine.

While Prepaid Medicine offers rates that range between $ 80,000 and $ 1,200,000 per month per person, those of the Complementary Care Plan range from $ 50,000 to $ 150,000 per month per user, it all depends on the services that each type of plan covers.

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As a result of the emergency caused by the pandemic, users are turning more and more to the PAC than to prepaid medicine, not only because of the rates, but because “these plans that are offered by the EPS offer more ease in all the complementarity of the services ”, he asserts Jose Mauricio Rincon Ramirez, National Manager of the Complementary Care Plan of the New EPS

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