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Did you know that up to a hundred different computer systems work in a modern car? Smart networks run throughout the car, each serving a different function, according to the suppliers’ best knowledge.

Volvo’s new flagship will be very safe

However, this means that the functions are final: the built-in system remains as it was. However, the future belongs to wireless software updates, to constantly renewing, ever-improving cars, and this is not compatible with the concept of decentralized microcomputers.

Therefore, Volvo will equip its cars with a central computer in the future – starting with the EX90 electric recreational vehicle, the successor to the XC90, which will debut on November 9. It (or they) serve all functions, optimizing resources, speeding up processes and, of course, enabling later updates.

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Such is the most advanced of the countless on-board sensors: the pulsating laser distance meter, LiDAR, which Volvo wants to offer as standard equipment in the long term – this probably means that it will be a premium item at launch. The sensor can detect a pedestrian from 250 meters away and detect an object the size of a tire from 120 meters away. Since light is not required for its operation, it can do all this even at night, on unlit road sections.

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Another system monitors the driver with a stereo camera and, based on its advanced control, determines if he glances at the road too briefly (because, say, he prefers to fiddle with his phone) or, on the contrary, stares into nothingness for too long, which may indicate that he is distracted. The system warns the driver in several steps, and if nothing helps, the car pulls over, stops and calls for help.

Of course, this is only part of the safety knowledge of the new EX90; Volvo will provide further details in the period until November 9.

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