Volvo takes inspiration from Lego for its latest model

Sometimes inspiration can come from where you least expect it. Volvo offers us proof of this by example.

The Scandinavian brand Volvo is establishing itself in the world of construction vehicles. In recent months, the company from Gothenburg has been multiplying prototypes of all kinds concerning construction vehicles. The latest, the LX03 offers an autonomous excavator, which largely bases its features on those of an already existing model, and which we owe to the brand… Lego. Indeed the 42 081 Lego Technic Concept Wheel Loader Zeux, for the exact reference is one of the products of the Danish brand Lego, which allows to build an excavator from small colored bricks.

Despite a design borrowed from the famous red bricks, Volvo has indeed built this excavator so that it can be used on the construction sites of tomorrow. Capable of lifting and moving up to 5 tonnes, this construction tool has the main advantage of being autonomous. The manufacturer thus ensures that his new product would be able to make decisions alone, even when working with humans, which are very difficult to predict for algorithms. If the brand did not extend for long on the autonomous capacities of this new excavator, the firm continues to develop its artificial intelligence with this prototype.

An original way of arriving, eventually, to invest in the autonomous car market, for the road this time. An area that is currently under the domination of Tesla, who made the Tesla Model 3 the best-selling new car of this fall.

An autonomous electric product … and modular

Another argument put forward in favor of its product by Volvo, the latter would be, according to the statements of the brand about it: modular. It would indeed be possible to remove or add elements to this excavator of the future in order to make it perform more or less specific tasks.

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Volvo, which presented this product as a simple prototype, is slowly positioning itself as a benchmark for the automation and electrification of construction vehicles. Indeed, this is not the first time that the Swedish brand has offered such a product that could simplify the lives of many people who work in the vast world of construction.