Volvo Trucks opens a battery plant in Belgium

“This investment demonstrates our strong commitment to electrifying heavy vehicles. Until 2030 At least 50 percent of all our trucks sold worldwide will be electric, and by 2040. we will be a carbon-neutral company, ”says Roger Alma, President of Volvo Trucks.

At the new battery plant, Samsung SDI batteries and modules will be assembled into battery packs for Volvo Trucks’ Volvo FH heavy-duty electric trucks, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX. Serial production of these models will begin in the third quarter of this year.

Shorter delivery times and reuse

The capacity of one battery pack is 90 kWh, and up to six battery packs (540 kWh) will be installed in the truck, depending on the distance traveled by the customers and the weight of the transported cargo.

“By integrating the battery assembly process into truck production, we can reduce the delivery time of electric trucks to customers and ensure battery performance and reuse later,” says Roger Alm.

Volvo Trucks batteries are designed to be recycled, recycled and reused later. The plant uses 100% renewable energy.

Electrified solutions for transport

With the launch of three heavy-duty electric models in Europe this year, Volvo Trucks will offer six electric trucks worldwide for distribution and regional haulage, utilities and construction work.

“We started serial production of electric trucks already in 2019 and occupy leading positions in both Europe and North America. “I am confident that with the rapid development of charging station infrastructure and the development of battery technology, we will see a transformation in the truck industry in the near future,” says Roger Alma.

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