Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin Pro

For the first time, the use of the electric XC40 is very new compared to other cars. The locks recognizing the transmitter unlock the doors, there is no start button in it, a rather unpretentious cover covers its place. You probably know from the seat occupancy sensor that we’ve sat down because it’s enough to step on the brake, pull the reversing lever to D, and we can go. It’s brilliant that you don’t have to take unnecessary steps when you stop. On arrival we stop, put the selector lever in P, which activates the parking brake and the car stops, all you have to do is slam the door.

If you activate single-pedal driving in the menu, the Volvo XC40 Recharge solves most of the decelerations and stops gently without a distracting nod. One of the cleverness of the car is helping to save other road users from people who tend to press the phone instead of driving. If the line has started but the car is not moving based on the radar signals, comes the beep and the instrument panel question to the driver that he is ready to go?

If the line has started but the car is not moving based on the radar signals, comes the beep and the instrument panel question to the driver that he is ready to go?

The view to the rear is poor, not only has the small window of the C-pillar been left out, but the belt line is already arching upwards inside the back door. Unpleasant in the reversing camera to show the lane behind the car in banana shape, it’s hard to judge how much space is left until the next car. The circular camera system also provides a top view image, but the wide-angle lenses are so distorted that it is of little use for precise maneuvering. Nothing depends on the display because it gives a really nice picture.

408 horsepower is a value difficult to grasp in such a compact car. This was the performance of the all-time luxury car of my youth, the Mercedes 600 SEL, before the floor gas enrichment was taken out of it, and the more economical V12 knew 394 horsepower from there. Today, this 300 kilowatt is delivered by top models of 300-400 kilo heavier electric cars than the Audi E-tron 55 quattro and Mercedes EQC 400.

With a standstill, the two electric motors first push backwards and then squeeze the passengers into the seat. The best thing left of me was not how the XC40 Recharge could start and reach 100 in 4.9 seconds, but as it jumps from 140 to 180 almost without a transition. As the numbers jump on the display without delay and then jump on, it is a lasting experience.

This will get away with 500 forints of petrol 13

Hold on: 4.9 seconds acceleration to 100, the two electric XC40 Twin jumps from 140 to 180 almost without transition, which is its top speed

The curb grips the car gently, 184 km / h was the highest speed I read. Mostly driven by the front electric machine, but the distribution changes in corners and the rear engine also works harder to make the car more agile.

We can also see the landscape slipping away from a well-insulated, quiet passenger compartment, even by electric car. The comfort of the front seats is worthy of Volvo’s tradition, and the XC40 also becomes a substantial premium product in that it is only smaller in size than the larger ones, it does not lag behind them in terms of quality. The lumbar support can be adjusted up and down and out, the front of the seat can be pulled out as a thigh support, already in the basic Core version.

On the highway, the XC40 also produced the inconvenience that after the third flash of the index, the lane keeper thinks we are crawling between the lanes without a turn signal and trying to keep the car from where we would just be drawn.

This is bad because in the three index flashes, you can only drag the car over, tipping the passengers out of their composure. You should be over this for a long time and not activate the lane holder right away. The system keeps the car in the direction with many small adjustments, there are driver assistance systems that work more calmly than this.

With this you get away with 500 forints of petrol 14

231,000 HUF surcharge for 20-inch wheels instead of 19. Within the limits of its own electric car, the 2199-pound SUV, according to traffic, moves harmoniously

None of the lead-weight electric cars jump like a gazelle from corner to corner, and an SUV is an inherent waiver of driveability. Within its limits, the electric XC40 moves harmoniously. The suspension comfort is decent despite the 20 rims, the other wheel set is 19 inches. The RECHARGETM inscription on the sidewall of 255/40 R20 tires suggests that Pirelli has specifically adapted the properties of the four-season tires to this type.