Volvo’s LX03 self-driving wheel loader is developed based on Lego

Volvo LX03

Lego’s Technic series emphasizes gears, transmissions, hydraulics, electrics and other mechanical structures. For many years, it has also cooperated with many engineering equipment companies or famous car dealers to bring many Technic versions of classic vehicles. However, there is a rather strange exception to this, the 2018 Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX. This concept loader was hired by a Lego designer to the designer of Volvo, and together they envisioned what the future unmanned loader should look like. After discussion between the two parties, Lego first introduced the box set without a real car, becoming the first Technic box set with a brand but not based on any actual vehicle.

Now after three years of development, Volvo has also launched a practical loader “LX03” based on the same concept, so it can be said that the LX03 was developed on the basis of Lego in turn. This loader can carry up to 5 tons of goods, and it can make decisions on its own under various manned and unmanned conditions. Volvo has designed the car to be modular, so that as long as “change one or two places”, the load capacity can be adjusted according to customer needs. Of course, LX03 also uses electricity. It can run for about 8 hours when fully charged, which is exactly one working day.

However, the LX03 is still just a concept car. It is hard to say which technology or design will enter the mass production version. However, Volvo regards it as a prototype of the company’s “next-generation” engineering tools, representing specific applications of AI and decarbonization. For Lego players, it should be very happy to see that they were originally just a fictional product come true!