Von der Leyen is investigating proceedings against Germany

Brussels EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is considering an infringement procedure against Germany because of the recent constitutional court ruling on the European Central Bank. This emerges from a letter from the Leyens to the Green European politician Sven Giegold, which is available to the German Press Agency.

The Federal Constitutional Court had criticized the ECB’s billion-dollar government bond purchases this week, and for the first time opposed a ruling by the European Court of Justice. Giegold had therefore asked the EU Commission to initiate infringement proceedings.

Von Leyen then reiterated that the German judgment is currently being analyzed in detail. “On the basis of this knowledge, we examine possible next steps up to infringement proceedings,” wrote the head of the commission to Giegold.

The ruling by the Constitutional Court raised questions that touched the core of European sovereignty, the letter said. The Union’s monetary policy is its exclusive responsibility. EU law takes precedence over national law and judgments of the ECJ are binding on all national courts.

“The last word on EU law always has the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg,” wrote von der Leyen. “I take this very seriously.” The EU is a community of values ​​and law that the EU Commission will uphold and defend at all times.

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