Home Health Voronezh region received the second batch of children's flu vaccine

Voronezh region received the second batch of children's flu vaccine

Parents of Voronezh children and pregnant women are invited for immunization.

Yesterday, November 6, the second batch of Sovigripp vaccine entered the Voronezh region, the press service of the regional health department said. It contains no preservative and is intended for immunization of children.

132.3 thousand doses of vaccine will be distributed by the end of this week to medical facilities in the region. Immunization will take place as part of the national immunization schedule for prevention. To date, 98,000 children and 157 pregnant women have been vaccinated.

– We remind that the main measure of specific prevention of influenza is vaccination. Dear parents of children aged 6 months and older, as well as pregnant women in the third trimester, we invite you to immunize against the flu, the press service of the health department informs.

Earlier, sanvrachi reported that since the beginning of November in the Voronezh region has increased the number of children who become ill with influenza and ARVI. If from October 22 to October 28, 3,600 children turned to medical organizations with symptoms of these diseases, then from October 20 to November 4, already 3 820. Doctors remind that you can protect yourself with timely vaccinations. It is free for pupils from grades 1 to 11, students, people over 60, pregnant women, education and medical workers, and draftees.


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