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Votorantim continues with the immunization today (29)

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The City of Votorantim vaccinates today (29) people aged 43 to 49 years against Covid-19. The doses will be applied, from 8 am, in nine health units: Barra Funda, Bela Vista, Cristal, Serrano, Vila Garcia, Vila Nova, Tatiana, Green Valley and Novo Mundo.

The Municipal Health Department informs that the place of vaccination is not chosen by the resident of Votorantim. The definition is done randomly by the scheduling system. The application will not be done on the drive-thru system. A structure was set up in the health units to receive people scheduled and with the names on the list.

These people registered through tinyurl.com/yrva4rbp. The return to the previous registration system in these target populations was necessary to organize vaccination in Basic Health Units. The objective of the Health Secretariat to increase the vaccination points is to facilitate the population’s access and speed up the process of applying doses against to Covid-19.

Persons from 43 to 49 years of age must attend the vaccination site with a personal document (RG and CPF) and proof of residence in Votorantim containing their own name. Both need to be original.

with comorbidities

Also today (29) the first and second doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 are applied in seven groups. The work will be carried out using the drive-thru system, from 8 am to 4 pm, at Lecy de Campos square. The first dose will be given to people with comorbidities between 18 to 42 years old, with permanent disability between 18 to 42 years old, pregnant women aged 18 years or more, postpartum women up to 45 days after delivery aged 18 years or more and aged between 50 to 59 years old. The second dose will be destined for individuals who received the first dose of Coronavac/Butantan 28 days ago and Astrazeneca/Fiocruz 12 weeks ago. (From the Newsroom)

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