Vox collapses Madrid against the Government for the management of the crisis and calls for increasing pressure on the streets

Manifestation by the coronavirus crisis

Santiago Abascal encourages you to go “to the last corner” and “to sound the ‘caceroladas’ on each street”

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DIRECT CORONAVIRUSES | Vox demonstration in Madrid against the management of the Government

Fury against the Government on four wheels. A sea of ​​Spanish flags and clones thundering as if the football team had won a championship. Vox has collapsed this Saturday Madrid and most of the provincial capitals with the first massive demonstration by car against the Executive of the PSOE and United We Can with the aim of demanding the resignation of Pedro Snchez and Pablo Iglesias for their “criminal” management of the crisis of the coronavirus.

Vox has taken to the streets to capitalize on the wave of outrage at the consequences of the health and economic crisis and with the caravans of vehicles all over the provincial capitals, it tries to snatch the flag of social discontent from the PP to lead it.

Vox leader Santiago Abascal has celebrated the success of the rallies and asked citizens to increase the pressure of the streets against the government. “Go ahead, go to the last corner and have your saucepans ring on every street and in every square,” he claimed during a speech broadcast byYoutubeand the radio.

Both Abascal and the main national leaders of Vox have led the caravan of vehicles in Madrid aboard a convertible bus with masks, Spanish flags and a great slogan ofGovernment resignation. With the leader of Vox were Javier Ortega Smith, who reappeared in public after leaving the hospital for the second time; Ivn Espinosa de los Monteros, Roco Monasterio andMacarena Olona. In addition to some of Vox’s top advisers, such asKiko Mndez-Monasterio.

Vox President Santiago Abascal greets protesters this Saturday in Madrid.EFE

“The drive for freedom is unstoppable,” said Abascal, who has asked citizens to stay on the streets “with all common sense and sanitary measures” to “protect Spain from those who want it torn apart, poor or imprisoned. “

Abascal has described the protest as a “festive insubordination” and a response from a “brave, generous, civic and responsible” people against those who have made the worst “management in the world” in the Covid-19 crisis. Before the photo of the protest, the leader of Vox has issued a warning to Snchez and Iglesias: “Poor those who do not listen to the people and despise them.”

Santiago Abascal has spurred protesters. “Let us never forget what they have done to us”, “their crime against the health, prosperity and freedom of the Spanish cannot go unpunished,” he said. He also stressed that they will bring the government to court just as they did before with the Catalan leaders who promoted the procs.

The experiment of the demonstration in cars has exceeded Vox’s forecasts in the city of Madrid, where the official route of the caravan and the adjacent streets has been collapsed by vehicles thundering with the clones. The caravan’s plan was to leave Plaza de Coln, turn onto Calle Goya, go up Calle Serrano to Puerta de Alcal and reach Plaza de Cibeles. However, Abascal’s bus was barely able to reach Goya in 45 minutes and then ended up being diverted by the Police due to the impossibility of continuing.

A woman covers herself from the sun with a Spanish flag, at the demonstration organized this Saturday by Vox, in Madrid.EFE

Meanwhile, the scene in thePaseo de la Castellanaand other streets in the area were the same. Dozens of cars and motorcycles stopped, moving very slowly and fully decked out with Spanish flags. From then on, many people stood on the sidewalks, although wearing face masks, during the demonstration, as well as ignoring the health recommendation not to lower thewindowsand not take thehandsThrough the window. That has not been practically fulfilled by anyone.

At the end of the call, Roco Monasterio has celebrated the large influx of people and has warned of the possibility of calling new protests against the Government to demand his resignation. Although there is still nothing concrete in that sense beyond continuing to cheer the citizens to continue demonstrating with thesaucepanson the streets.

In line with the fact that the PP was not in this demonstration, but possibly some of its voters, Monasterio has taken the opportunity to question all the outraged with Snchez to present Vox as “his voice in Congress”.

The caravan in Madrid has passed with relative normality and amid a police deployment of some150 agents. The only incidents have been insulting and harassing several journalists when they tried to report live on the demonstration.

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